EIDOO: wallet that support decentralized exchange

I am a new user.
What do you think about this Italian-Swiss team/ICO?


Thanks in advance.

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I will advise you to be careful with these people. No video upload that show any members of the team advertising what it is they are selling to the public so that the investor will be able to know who he/she is dealing with. Just 2 weeks ago, I got scammed by people like this and I vowed never to be fooled again by these cheap scammers.

Disclaim: I bought some tokens during the ICO (after reading a lot about the project that look promising for me).
This week the token was quoted on bitfinex and the price is quite stable.
It did not drop event rise too much.
If the EIDOO team got connections to be quoted on bitfinex at least they are not a cheap scam.
We will see in the future.
I am not a trader; I just hold what I buy for the long/medium term (5 / 8 years)