EOS vs ETH Discussion

Welcome to the thread about the EOS vs ETH section. Here you can discuss everything about the video and potential questions that you have.


I have setup an EOS Node on ubuntu 18.04 VM. Everything seems to work fine as a single-node testnet. However I need to configure it correctly to join mainnet. Can you please guide me? I will appreciate if you can send me step-by-step instructions?

I have found some guidance here, but I am not sure if it is correct and authentic?

It says:
created producer keypair: private-key = YOUR_BLOCK_SIGN_PUB_KEY=KEY:YOUR_BLOCK_SIGN_PRIV_KEY

Do I have to create a new key pair? Or should I use existing key pair which has some EOS tokens? I am not sure?

Can you please respond back? EOS top Block Producers are not helpfull at all.

Hellp Filip, Please check this link… Does it seem OK? The EOS BP Node does not seems to be producing anyblock right now… Maybe because enable-stale-production = false meaning that it is no longer single testnode??

Does the above link seems to give correct output? MAybe it will be running by the time you check?


I have no experience of joining the mainnet, since only elected BP:s are allowed. Are you one of those elected BP:s?

Hello Fillip; This is answer to your question! Why you want to hide it? What is wrong with this post?

You asked me that if I am a BP? And I answered you on that… If you are worried about the command below, then, I have removed it!

We have now joined Mainnet after 2 months of struggle! https://steemit.com/eos/@eos.sweden/swedencornet-is-live

Yes, We were BP Candidate: https://bp.eosgo.io/listing/eos-sweden-2/ We announced our candidacy by following formal process announced by EOSGO.

Anyone can join Mainnet. It is open to all. The only thing is that only top 21 BPs has power to produce block and redeem rewards based on votes. So top 21 elected (+ next 32) are playing block production role (+ they have some power). And the reaming BPs (like us) are on standby…

Hello, Fillip, please why did you mark my post as spam or hide it… You asked me that if I am a BP? And I answered you on that…

I just answered to your question. What did I do wrong? Can you please explain?


I did not know if it was OK to “market” a BP candidature as such. That’s why I flagged it and let the admins in the forum decide. As I said before. I have not attempted to join the mainnet as a BP, so I don’t have any experience in that. I’m afraid I can’t assist you with that unfortunately. Have you been able to get it up and running?

Are there any plans to update the EOS portion of the Smart Contract Training before it becomes stale? I noticed updates on NEM and Ethereum portions.

Yes, will be done in October. You can check out the thread Student input needed! Suggestions for new videos to give your input.

Yes, indeed. Thanks. Came here after 1+ year. Really upset about your behaviors. I think you know us very well… We are The REAL Authentic Legally registered EOS Sweden and claimed it before anyone else in the whole world (as recorded permanently in Steemit blockchain)…