Exercise in between studying!

Anyone have a favorite type of exercise they are doing in between study sessions?

I like to go for a bike ride to get fresh air!


I know Ivan likes to make us do push ups when something happens in the stream. :rofl:

I sometimes go for a bike ride, do some push ups and pull ups. I love summer, as I can go take a quick swim. (I am 5 minutes away from the sea.)

Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness
Keep does things close to your heart. :heart:


I like to do pull ups, yoga, running and skipping.

I think we should do push ups whenever Ivan says “juicy news” on the stream.


I play guitar and compose new riffs for my band, play with my kids, cook, and take care of the band management affairs. Every spare minute is occupied by daily life at the moment. This lockdown period has been the most productive time I ever had :slight_smile:


learn how to fight. self defense bro! like a gun, have it hoping you never need it, grateful if you ever do need it, you have it.

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