Favorite Staking Alt Coin

Personally, I am extremely bullish on Tezos, because I believe they will be the leader in the STO sphere.

What are some of your favorite coins that are utilizing DPOS? Why?

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Staking of Tezos is made extremely easy in the Exodus wallet even though their stipulation is to lock them up for 30 days before you can join their programme.

I have recently joined as a pre-guardian node in Theta. This locks up your THETA tokens to help secure the network and rewards in Theta Fuel. The countdown for the mainnet 2.0 is approx 9 days. So I potentially will be a guardian of the Theta network. It’s rewards at the moment are pretty insignificant but it offers me the chance to participate and build my knowledge in the crypto world.

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I’ve heard a lot of good things about Theta. I will have to get some and stake! Thanks for the confirmation!

tezos anytime
right now bidao is also good