Faythe.io is in Pre-ICO Now

Pre-ICO Coins of Faythe (TTP & FYE Tokens) are LIVE NOW and Available on https://faythe.io

They light-heartedly call themselves the first GOD protocol of cryptocurrencies. And what they are working on may indeed be simply divine.

Faythe’s mission is as follows: “We are an anonymous decentralized movement created to defend the cryptocurrency community. Our goal is to fight cryptocurrency censorship, public manipulation and corporations forcing governments to protect them against decentralization. Faythe is funded by the people and represents the people. Our work will ensure that our rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected by law.”

More information about the tokens, the Roadmap, White Paper etc. are also on the Faythe website.

I see value real utility in Faythe. a crypto coin that protects its users against censorship is a useful asset. It has a high value and utility to folks who truly need it. For example, people living in very nasty environments, living under oppression of one sort or another, need to be able to conduct transactions protected by anonymity.

if you have the talent or ability to contribute Dev skills to Faythe, I urge to contact the team.

If you invest or trade in assets like Faythe, read more. Do your own research!

This is not financial advice. I’m just sharing what I learned about Faythe.

The Faythe Telegram group is at https://t.me/faythetalk

As always, i welcome questions and comments and constructive criticisms about anything i post. I appreciate the community feedback and honest reviews i see here. Definitely an authority website. Kudos to ToshiTimes for a well-run forum.