Feedback on the "Tracks" Feature

Hi there,

I’ve looked for the appropriate place for leaving general feedback and suggestions for the academy. However, I couldn’t find any so I am voicing my concerns here.

I began taking the “Blockchain 101” Track, which is marked as “Complete Beginners” for Audience. The first 3 courses in the track are very clearly intended for beginners, and avoid technical jargon, introducing concepts and using simple examples. It was very helpful. However, the last course on the track “Cryptography and Privacy Coins” is in no way for “Complete Beginners.” I have checked with colleagues that are taking the same track as me and they’ve agreed, the examples and diagrams given are very dense with language that is unfamiliar to someone who is a complete beginner. The reading material and activities are technical, long reads that seem to delve into programming specifics. I felt a little silly at first, but after speaking to others I feel confident saying it is not a natural next step in the track. I highly recommend either a new course is created to discuss privacy coins in layman’s terms or simply remove the course from the track. The majority of the time I was watching videos from Monero’s youtube channel to better understand the concepts attempted to being explained. Why would I pay for this content if someone can explain it to me better for free?

That is all.