Feedback to the course, improvement proposals

Hi, I just finished this course about 2 or 3 weeks before, and I would like to express myself as to a constructive criticism @amadeobrands @ivan

What I hoped to learn in this course was: the fundamentals of DeFi. After this course I would have hoped to learn:

What is DeFi, what it is build on top of. But I didn´t learn it, I mean I know almost everything is built on top of ethereum, but I also know there are other several initiatives being constructed on top of Tron or on top of EOS, and I would have liked you to explain this and how this different blockains could be linked together or work together.

What are stablecoins, but I think you didnt stressed out so signifantly, as to what they are basically: they are ERC-20 tokens. I would have expected to show what are their market shares (how much there is of each one at the moment of the videos and so on) and why they were created and how do they ansure that tomorrow they will not be worth 0.8USD or 0.5USD

What are DEXES and CEXES in terms of market shares, how much do they profit, how much volume do they transact and basic things like that (I know that this market is rapidly changing, so for this one I will be much softer)

What are ORACLES: I still have the basic understanding that they provide the blockchain of real world data, but what are the ORACLES customers? are the CEXES or the DEXES? and which DEX´s or CEX´s are using which oracles? or, are the oracles market much bigger than just CEX´s and DEX´s

I think that you made a good jub explaining the MAKER DAO protocol and to show a lot of things during the videos, and you really made sure to provide soooo many links , BUT I would have expected that you could condensate the stuff on the links during the 40 minutes, 1 hour and even 1.15 hourse videos that you made.

I also think that you lack of quizes so you made sure that the guy watching the videos has learned something.

Hope that you find time to read this, and know that I´m just beggining on my blockchain journey, and if I´m writing this, I would really like the courses to improve and be a little bit better each time, so my certifications are more valuable in the future.


I also didn’t understand quite well what is arbitrage, how we can do it, or if anyobody can do it or is it closed to some group of people


I just finished my first pass through Defi 101 and I see what you mean. Hopefully, you will get some feedback on your questions. Usually, Ivan’s team is pretty quick to help with any questions that you have regarding further explanations and resources.

Have you already started Defi 201? Much has happened in the Defi space since March when 101 was created.

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@Ineka, no I haven’t began the DEFI 201, did you? is it better? because I saw it is the same instructor (1 hour videos expected, full of links below to try out by myself) … I’m about to begin the Ethreum 201, and then I’m expecting my first project , even though I haven’t finished the C++ course (I had one already several years ago, but I hope C haven’t changed that much) … I did the bitcoin programming, the privacy coins and the bitcoin attacks courses, to take a brake of so much solidity and JS … What are you up to?? I’m glad that you somewhat agreed to what I stated here

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I am in the coding bootcamp, but I am new to coding. I have been doing some of the other courses in the side and doing my own exploration to better understand the crypto financial space. It is a lot for me to learn and take in.

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how can you register on the bootcamp? and how many hours does it take you per day roughly? I’m interested … but I have to go back to work in a few months … maybe in february

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I don’t think they are offering new bootcamp students right now from what I understand. They only have so many mentors and the students have different learning curves. Some students have careers in coding and are learning to transfer that knowledge to being blockchain developers. Then there are people like me who are starting from scratch. Some people who are experienced can complete it in 12 weeks and the rest of us have a year to get through the bootcamp at our own pace.

I am sure if Ivan is going to start another round of students he will do a webinar or an announcement. You could send an inquiry to the support email address to see if anything is planned.

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Hey @javier_ortiz_mir, hope you are good.

Has ineka mention, for now we are not planning to release another bootcamp, we will wait until we finish with some of the actual bootcamp students and then maybe…

Still, we probably launch more bootcamp in the coming months, maybe not this year, but the next one will see.

Carlos Z

@thecil still, can you please point out what kind of commitment is it needed to finish the bootcamp? like for example like a full time job (monday to friday, 8 hours a day: 12 weeks) or monday to friday, 4 hours a day, 24 weeks, or 10 hours per week 36 weeks … something like that? Because I have a job, so I dont know if that is completely uncompatible with the bootcamp

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Oh, ok, the bootcamp is made to fit the student schedule, ideal for experience programmers (html, css, javascript) is to finish it on 3 to 4 months, studying 4 hours per day.

New programmers could take more than 6 months, since they have to learn/understand quite well html, css and javascript to later build their project, Solidity is really complex for the kitties project, but with a mentor (which student have) will be quite easy to understand how things are being build/code.

Point is, if you dont have any programming experience, it could take more than 6 months, studying 2 hours per day minimum (4 hours is best).
For experience programmers, it can take 3 to 4 months, studying 4 hours per day.
There is no must follow schedule, mentors will be available from X amount of hours per day in a schedule (lets say i’m available from 9am to 11am, 2pm to 8pm), but you can study at any hour that works for you, have doubts on the path? you can set a meeting with your mentor inside of his schedule.

Max time to finish the bootcamp is 1 year. (But this could change, so dont take my word)

Carlos Z


Hi @javier_ortiz_mir

I agree with your feedback. Overall is constructive what your are saying.
Videos could be more condensed and concise.
Some quizzes or activities would be good to reinforce learning as well.