Fees are to expensive 😫

Im in the process of setting up my CDP on oasis for fist time. Im currently at DEPLOY PROXY set up & is asking for $83.00 gas fee is this normal

Any way around this?

I would like to know as well. Just like @BTCBULLRDER, I am trying to set up a few of the DeFi products, but the gas prices are very hefty, getting similar prices to the one in the screenshot - and it just seems to be way too expensive…

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Same thing here, gas prices are really high right now due to defi popularity right now.

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the same happens to me

When I set up my vault and did various transactions on Oasis and Uniswap gas fees were low, then when I went to recover my collateral they were through the roof.

Stone cold panic!

Never fear.

My approach was to wait until the middle of the night to initiate transactions, when the network was less congested (I’m Pacific time), and to set my gas to ridiculously low fees.

Some transactions failed.

Some took over 24 hours.

None were outside of the $5-$10 range, which was ok with me as it was a small percentage of what I was moving around.

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