First Project - JavaScript

Hi @thecil or @Malik. This is my first project on JavaScript. I’ll take all the constructive feedback I can get both from a coding perspective and a GitHub use perspective.

You can find the the website here:
You can find the readme file and code here:

This was my first time using GitHub, so I apologize if I broke a few dozen rules on how to properly load and everything :slight_smile:

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Hi Derok,

I am about to set up a GitHub Pages for my project too, because all I have now is a code on GitHub so no one can see it…

I am wondering, did you use GIT for this or it wasn’t necessary?

Great project by the way :slight_smile:

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Hi, @derok,

The website works pretty well and everything great. However, one thing to point out. The code that you committed is in markdown format. Your code should not be in markdown when committing it. It should ideally be a HTML file or a javascript file. So, just keep that in mind.

Other than that, Good job mate! Looking forward to more of your projects.


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Hi Bartek!

I put my code into ATOM originally to make sure everything loaded correctly. After that I just copied and pasted my code into GitHub, and GitHub made the webpage that you can see in my original post. My counselor had requested that I use Git, so in that sense it was necessary.


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Thanks for the feedback Malik! I was doing research on what markdown language is and I now see how GitHub allows you to upload the files in the format in the way you are describing. Good to know!

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