FlashLoans & Arbitrage

Lets discuss how to do arbitrage with Flashloans.
Thank you


Hey, I was just about to create this topic but I noticed there’s already an existing topic. Have you been able to make any progress in this area?

I haven’t got any reply but Ivan did mention they are coming out with a course just for flashloans. So just waiting for that.

Were you asking about flash loans on the Aave platform? I know they offer that option.

I was asking about flash loans in general. I know there are a bunch of platforms which provide that option. But I do know about AAve. It’ll be interesting to learn more about it.

Hi @aenhsaihan did you check the defi 201 course on our academy it explains everything you need to know about flashloans and Arbitrage. @amadeobrands is a great instructor.

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Im trying to perform a flashloan for a couple of days… it shows me that “gas required exceeds allowance (11732908) or always failing transaction”
@amadeobrands does this mean that I dont have enough ethereum in my metamask to deploy my contract?

Found this cool cheat sheat for Flash loans using

See here the combo: https://t.co/Ng4duV6LuK?amp=1
I did make some profit at high DAI price and LOW Gas price :slight_smile:

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