GBP stable coin

Hi all,

Would like to know your opinions on this? Specially those who leave in the UK.

When taking profits I would like to take it into a stable coin (rather than go back to fiat) but obviously there is the problem of the dollar devaluing in relation to the GBP. Do you guys know any good GBP stable coin? There is True GBP, I know Celsius accepts it, but I have never heard about it and there is very few info on coingeko or coinmarketcap about it.

Would be interesting to share ideas/ know your thoughts on this and what your plan is.

Many thanks

Hi @diogozas ! I think Binance have a GBP stable coin but i not sure you can check there…

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Thanks for your reply DimaSha,

I have seen BGBP on binance but I don’t think it is tradable. Not having a good GBP stable coin it is a bit problematic. As if I want to stay in crypto to earn interest on my GBP stables in Defi it is impossible to do… I don’t want to cash out to GBP fiat nor be too exposed to the USD but it seems that I have very little options.

If anyone else can shed some light on this I would appreciate.

Many thanks,