Getting 429 error when getting price from coinpaprika

Im getting a 429 error/response from coinpaprika


i fixed it- the 429 error was because i used
ticker:coin.ticker instead of coin.symbol

no actually this wasnt the error
if i set const COIN_COUNT = 20;and above i get the 429 error

429 says to many requests

please let me know whats going on here

anything above
const COIN_COUNT = 10;
and i get 429 error

it says you have up to 25 million api calls a day, but if you want to display more than 10 coins this shit already breaks, why do they even call it free- if it breaks every 2 minutes.
coinpaprika is bogus- how can you build anything using their service?

if you try to dispay more than 10 coins it breaks, whats the problem witht his garbage

what u do if you have 12 people use the site- it breaks all the the time
600 request per minute- in reality it cant even handle 11 calls an hour

and 25 million calls a month- why are they lieing?

This is from there website:
Don’t spend money on something that should be free, and time on something that doesn’t work.

Why are they saying that if its not true?