Getting KENJ for Enjin Course


I’m following the Enjin Blockcahin Game development course for a few days now and I arrived to the point that I need KENJ to continue learning.

I tried to get some KENJ coin from the faucet and this over several days. I always get the same error :

“Error! Status: 500.
Error broadcasting KETH transaction. Error: Returned error: Insufficient funds. The account you tried to send transaction from does not have enough funds. Required 100105000000000000 and got: 36393353000000000.”

I conatcted Enjin support but no luck untill now, I’m getting desperate here.

Can anyone help me out and send me some KENJ or tell me an alternative way to get it? I’ll be eternally gratefull.

This is my addess:


Thank you,


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Hey @Ndgreg, hope you are ok.

This one should be working by now, you should be able to ask for your KENJ.

Carlos Z

Hey Carlos,

Thanks for getting back to me but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Can you please try with my address and see if it works for you?


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Aparently the faucet is empty of funds, it should refill these next days, what i could advice you to do is to get some KETH from these guide and then buy some KENJ in uniswap kovan dex.

Uniswap is the same, just make sure to change your metamask to the kovan network.


Carlos Z

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the hint, i tried it but unfortunately uniswap does not allow swapping of coins in Kovan testnet only on mainnet.

Any other option? I’m blocked :frowning:

Maybe Filip had Some KENJ left from his course can he send it to me?

Nicolas Demoulin

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Well sadly there is not that much we can do, Im out of KENJ to share some with you, aparently the only faucet for KENJ is that one, i tried to research for another faucet but i did not find any.

All we can do is to wait until they fill the contract again so we can use the faucet.
I also write a ticket to support to see if they have any other solution to offer or to fill the faucet contract.

Carlos Z

HI Carlos,

Thanks for your help. In the meanwhile Enjin support dropped me some KENJ, and they promised to replenish the Faucet soon but, for now that’s all.

So let’s hope that they fill it soon :slight_smile:


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Thats amazing, although some times the faucet can be empty, is good to know the Enjin support is still taking care of it :nerd_face:

Glad that you made it :muscle:

Carlos Z