Getting onto Binance SmartChain in New York State...impossible?

Hey Fam,

So, I have been working on this for almost 1 week now, and I cannot find a workaround. I am getting sooo frustrated. I am not a whale, and I want to participate in swapping, staking, and otherwise on the BSC…Not only can I not access, Binance (with a NordVPN activated), I cannot access either. I cannot join more than half the exchanges I have learned about in 2020, and It is really frustrating. I want to Buy BNB and I simply cannot find a solution…Anyone here from New York knows how frustrating this is. I have tried a few dexs and still cannot find a workaround to get on the smart chain. Would love to hear from you, my community. Thanks!

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Have you tried getting onto binance global using Tor browser? most exchanges are using KYC now so even this may be difficult! 2nd option download atomic wallet transfer some eth or xrp or btc into the atom wallet from binance or your hot wallet eg.(BRD walket) and use the trade option and select BNB in the wallet To swap tokens! let me know if this helps!

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Transfer from Coinbase exchange not binance sorry!

Thank you Dark Web, And thanks for the Coinbase correction. I will try this!!! Much appreciated. I don’t have Atom, so I did not know I could swap on there. Thank you! I tried another hot wallet, and they still don’t like New Yorkers…maybe Atom wallet does…!

I will try Tor as well. Nice one

Ny stinks when it comes to crypto! Don’t give up there is allways a way! Let me know if anything works!

Hi @KMAB. If your concern is not yet solved maybe this video can help. Time stamp 10:04 is about “Fund Wallet with BNB from Binance US”.

I hope this will help you. Good luck!


Binance US is not available in the state of New York. I share KMAB’s frustration. New York is insanely difficult to do crypto business in. I am still looking for a way to do what she is asking about. Watched lots of video and did many searches. Still no solution apparent to me. Infuriating.

New suggestion one exchange that doesnt use kyc is kucoin just makesure you download a hot wallet to get your coins off the exchange or use a cold storage wallet! This exchange can be used no matter what but hurry before time runs out regulators are coming its only a matter of time. Here is the apple version its on google too;)