Getting paid in bitcoin (Bitwage)

I was searching and found out that Bitwage is a popular solution to take part of your salary and convert it into bitcoin.

Benefits from my point of view (I’m living in Spain):

  • Automated and super convenient. No need to be loosing time trading in exchangers.
  • You can choose any part or your wage to be converted.
  • Efficient. It only costs 1% of what is being transfered. Per example: 100euro/month costs you 12euro/year. Which is fair enough.


  • The one that does the transfer must be a company (aka the company for which you work).
  • KYC

I’m mostly convinced but wanted to know opinions from others that are using the same service or something similar.

I also would like to know how I could enhance my privacy regarding my wallet. Bitwage allows you to specify a single bitcoin address or a list of addresses. My goal is to accumulate in a cold wallet

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