Getting started in the blockchain space professionally

I’m working for Cyber Capital an Investment fund @Amsterdam doing fundamental analysis and building apps to keep track of our portfolio, optimize trading and analysis performance. Also during my fundamental analysis I check code, run testnets, Install wallets, study consensus protocols, etc

I’m still working as a IT Consultant which I will quite soon to focus fulltime on crypto. In my current job as an IT Consultant I had quite a good position but I decided to trade this in to focus on something which I belief has the future; Blockchain!

But how did I get started and how did I mange to get the time from to learn all this besides having a fulltime job? I was lucky enough to already be involved in the space for quite some time but I was still mainly focusing on my main job as an IT Consultant … around June 2017 I decided to also understand blockchain not from only an investment/hobby prospective.

What I did was study blockchain every day for 2 hours and followed many courses on Udemy. What was also important I started going to many meetups and spoke to many people in the space. True all these meetups I came in contact with Cyber Capital and they offered me a job. I got this offer because I know what I was talking about true all the courses that I did. Soon I will be working full time in the blockchain space and I’m still as excited about doing what I do as the first day when I started the deepdive … it seems the better I understand blockchain the more I want to learn.

So button line.
Just do it! Go-to: sing up and start learning… Everyone is capable of way more then they think and the key to success in more complex matters like blockchain or programming is consistent motivation and work!

You can do it!
If any one needs some personal help in getting deeper into blockchain pleas mail me PM I would be more then happy to help.


Hey man congratulations for everything, i can see that you worked hard and deserved the good things that came through this work.

I was hoping you can help me with which courses you took that helped you the most? (looking to take some myself)

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It does not really mather wich course as long as it is in Blockchain and it sparks your intrest.
First try to understand the concept behinde blockchain.

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