Getting Threats Due to Ledger Leak

Hi all,

I was part of the users that got compromised during the ledger leak.

The leak included name, phone number, address and Country… whoever has this leaked list has WAY too much information about me.

I’ve gotten many phishing attempts, but today I received my first threat. What should I do in this type of situation? I’d think there’s a big risk of getting continuously harassed (or worse)…

Any ideas? Think there’s a real risk here or I can just ignore?


Hi FaierPlay

What has happened is totally unacceptable. The stress and mental anguish is becoming almost unbearable for anyone that was a part of this.
My partner was a part of the leak too, the emails and texts have been coming through, but the mobile phone calls have just started. Lastnight was a foreign accent (possibly African) using his name. The stress on him is horrible. He bought a new phone and changed phone numbers for all sites but keeps the original number as he runs a business.

Andreas Antonopoulos has multiple videos on his LinkedIn regarding steps to take for security as a result of the dataleak. Here is the link if you haven’t watched them yet.

If we hear or locate any class action occurring, will be sure to let you know. Unfortunate that this happened and Ledger needs to face consequences.

Good luck with it all, and keep safe



Hi Stormie,

First and foremost, thank you for your response. Obviously I don’t wish this on anyone else, but it gives me a sense of calm knowing I’m not alone.

I haven’t seen his videos so will most certainly take a look today!

I’ll also keep an eye open for class actions as well and keep you posted too.

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The Andreas Antonopoulos streams were great, that helped me a lot. In my case I got lucky because my ledger was shipped to my storage unit so no one has my home address. Protonmail has been excellent at funneling all of the phishing emails straight to my spam folder.


Hi @FaierPlay, I am a victim of this too. I have only had emails, texts and a few phone calls, all of which I have blocked and blacklisted. However, I would recommend creating at least a new email and transition all of you accounts that used that email to the new one. If you do that as well as change your phone number, it should reduce the likelihood of tracking online or danger of being fooled by an email. Also, it would be good to make sure any social profiles are locked down as much as possible to prevent them getting any more personal information about you.

Obviously, the link that @Stormie posted is a very good one to follow too!

Wishing you all the best!

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Hi, I am also concerned with this phishing, as Nano S owner.
During last months, I received 2 scam e-mails, 2 requesting me to provide my 24 words recovery phrase…During last month, nothing.
I changed Nano pin-code, scrapped site appli, each time I am using Nano, I download once again the appli from site, ensuring not using a scammed version…
And I sleep normally.
Hope this will be usefull for you :wink: