Going in circles with detours

Going in circles:Today is day 3 and I have not completed day two assignment answering Provenance 3 questions. I did not fully understand that the answers were to be in the forum which has many detours. Today I plan to find the courses and go from there to stay in line with the program lectures. See what happens next?


I hope you’re having fun! These are difficult concepts to wrap our minds around. I just got home after work & thought I’d study my Ethereum programming course for a couple hours … oh man, I’m exhausted after 30 minutes of study hahaha.

With patience & determination we shall acheive our goals!

Best wishes.

Thank You Hudson for the best wishes! Yes, with patience and determination we shall get to goals. What a brave new worlds we are determined to as you say “wrap our minds around.” I am not sure we met the definition of “Pioneers” and sure the true Pioneers that created the concepts are amazing. I do believe worth following, learning and achieving goals. Who know where it will take us? Today was better, the circles calmer. I need a glossary, LOL! I love the idea of contracts and look forward to getting to the Ethereum.
Thank you for the encouragement. Best wishes to you!

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