Got Tokens at Metamast via Uniswap and at Bidesk – Ledger does not support... how to "secure" them?

Hi all, just got some SWAP and XFT on my Metamask, swapped via Uniswap, I also got a few EFX on Bidesk. Whant to move them all to a wallet or more secure place. Got Ledger Nano X but it looks like it does not support any of the three mentioned. Any suggestion how to secure them?

Please help… :wink:

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You are a bit mistaken. The Ledger Live EXTENSION does not support these tokens, but Ledger supports many external wallets, including Metamask. Here’s a list of Ledger supported wallets, many of which support all ERC-20 tokens.

There are instructions on Google and YouTube for how to set it up.

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