Hello Everyone! My name is Jawad

Hello everyone my name is Jawad, I’m from Warerloo Ontario.

Been in the rhe crypto space since early 2016 and have a wide portfolio. I’m more of a researcher then trader but I dont mind to swing.

At the moment I am very interested in DAO protocols, deflationary protocols and layer 2 solutions for Ethereum.

Hope to meet some interesting people and forward my knowledge level here while contributing what I can.

Cheers :vulcan_salute:


Hello Jawad, you must know so much already… nice to meet you. I am new to the space, and eager to learn. Welcome.

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Hey thanks for the welcome!

That’s very flattering, I’d say I have a mid level amount of knowledge and I only know what I’ve used. I’m not a coder just researcher and investor. Anything I can help with tho I’m always happy to do, so dont be shy to reach out :vulcan_salute:

Nice to meet you
Also glad to know that I’m not the only Jawad here :blush: