Hello My New Friends

Hello my new friends,
Well I guess I can start with is that I am looking for a career change. Have been a Union pipe-fitter in Pennsylvania for 20 years and when layoffs happen I would switch from my construction job to Real Estate. I am a Licensed Realtor which is great but the market here in the states is nuts so Its time for something more stable. So once I heard about Blockchain and the impact it will have in the future I just couldn’t ignore this opportunity. So I jump right in, which lead me to Ivan on Tech. We are living in some exciting times indeed.


Welcome to the Academy David!
I am happy for you that you take this chance. I started learning here 45 days ago and still am convinced that I made the right decision. Which direction are you headed? Smart Contract Development, Frontend Development, Full Stack or Trading?

Greetings from Vienna,



Thanks Bhujanga,
Not sure which direction I am going to go, brand new to this. Going to learn as much as I can and see where it takes me.

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Rock on man, sounds like youre a go getter. Youre absolutely right, these are exciting times. Im a salesman myself and the more I learn the more I feel like Im wasting time I should be coding at work selling cars lol. I wish you the best brother.


Thanks Trent and good luck to you also.

Good luck too, I think you’ll do great and wonderful things. So much to learn

Thanks Kerry I wish you luck as well, change the world on block at a time.