Help needed in Pinescript

I have got the below pinescript code which is giving me good results. I need to convert it to tradescript to generate alerts. Can someone explain me the code?

It creates 2 lines as support and resistance for the entire day, once the candle cross over/below these lines, a good amount of rally is being seen.

range = high - low

    // Daily line breaks
    sopen = security(tickerid, "D", open)


    // Color
    hcolor=sopen != sopen[1] ? na : maroon
    hcolor1=sopen != sopen[1] ? na : red
    lcolor=sopen != sopen[1] ? na : green
    lcolor1=sopen != sopen[1] ? na : lime

    //Daily Range
    highrange1 = security(tickerid, 'D', h) 
    highrange2 = security(tickerid, 'D', h1) 
    lowrange1 = security(tickerid, 'D', l) 
    lowrange2 = security(tickerid, 'D', l1) 

    highrange3 = (highrange1 + highrange2) /2
    lowrange3 = (lowrange1 + lowrange2) /2

    offs_daily = 0
    //H1=plot(sr and highrange1 ? highrange1 : na, title="Daily High1",color=hcolor, linewidth=1)
    H1=plot(sr and highrange3 ? highrange3 : na, title="Daily High1",color=hcolor, linewidth=1)
    H2=plot(sr and highrange2 ? highrange2 : na, title="Daily Daily High2", color=hcolor1, linewidth=1)
    //L1=plot(sr and lowrange1 ? lowrange1 : na, title="Daily Low1",color=lcolor, linewidth=1)
    L1=plot(sr and lowrange3 ? lowrange3 : na, title="Daily Low1",color=lcolor, linewidth=1)
    L2=plot(sr and lowrange2 ? lowrange2 : na, title="Daily Daily Low2", color=lcolor1, linewidth=1)