Help requested - Bitcoin Anomaly


I was wondering if anybody had any insight into what could be going on with my Bitcoin account.

I keep my Bitcoin cold stored on a Trezor device. I just recently made two transactions moving some to other exchange accounts. I still have about $476 USD worth of Bitcoin in the account in question. However when I search it up on blockexplorer or other chain explorers it tells me 0 total balance.

This makes no sense. I can open up my Trezor wallet and see there is still the balance that should be there.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


Here’s my guess:
When you spend BTC, the system empties the whole spending address, sends the portion you want to the recipient, then returns the change to a new address. That address (the next one in the Trezor) will be found by the Trezor, so it will show you a balance altogether, but the first address may well stay empty.

There’s a blockchain explorer function around that shows an address’s history and every fill and emptying it had, but I can’t remember how to work it. Sorry about that, but I you can probably find it. The main thing is to plug in the Trezor and make sure the bottom-line number is what you expect. If it is, you can still spend – you just have to use the device to use your balance(s).

I hope this 1) helps and 2) is correct :slight_smile:

Agree with afs.
When transferring funds from the Trezor it takes the whole txo you deposit to Trezor. One part goes to the address you specifies is precipitant. The remaining goes back to your Trezor, but at another address. Your Trezor will keep track of it, but your previous address will show zero in the block explorer.