Help with building crypto financial tool

Hello guys,

I got tired of low capabilities of coinmarketcap and the slow performance of coingecko so I started building a crypto portfolio and investment tool and would like advice and suggestions on how to continue building it.
This is what I have so far. You can enter an ethereum address in the search bar and all the coins and their ethplorer data is available to view. I am thinking of charting historical data for each coin and the total wallet data calculated through transactions. I need suggestions on how to make it better and what APIs would be best to develop it.

Here is the link -


… I think thats a good idea. I think itd also be great if you could overlay the performance of coins on top of each other… and perhaps even overlay them onto a main index like the FTSe or DOW

Good work though. Im still pretyy fresh here. Just browsing around. Nice to see people getting stuck in

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Can you make a function where Microsoft Excel returns a coin’s historial price (based on symbol and date) in a cell formula?

Alright, maybe in the form of a table? With sorting like in coin market cap etc.?

Not familiar with excel sorry man.

What about a simple web page (or Google Sheet) with a table where users could input crypto symbols and historical dates to return the closing prices? That would be very useful for managing crypto portfolios and transaction records.

@jaykch Appreciate your interest in building a crypto portfolio and investment tool. I’m also curious if there are existing crypto portfolio trackers you’ve used but want to improve upon.


Perhaps. But I’m thinking more like a grid…see image… so you could drag each symbol and have it populate one of the squares.

You could also have the central four squares enable you to switch between normal browsing screen (still whilst the outer squares have the symbols/coins you’ve populated) then have the central 4 sqaures switch to a symbol of your choice and or enable you to drag symbols from the outer square on top of each other.


Think it’d be nice if it wasnt only limited to crypto data. I dunno… see litecoins progress over heinz ketchup for example… or ever whole indexes NASDAQ vs Bitcoin Vs VeChain…all layered on top of each other in real time…whilst being able to toggle/manipulate various metrics etc

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I want it to be as little work for the user as possible, with nasdaq etc. there is no way to pull the data automatically as it would be with an ETH address. You will have to manually add each asset. I am going to work on it more today and see what I can do.

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@BitcoinAlchemist I have tried a bunch of them like delta etc. But they are all very bad in my opinion, like delta takes forever to sync. I really like coingecko’s insights etc like favourites and stuff, but they are using some old tech as the pages take too long to load, its not a single page app. So I decided to make my own, I have already started using it instead of delta to track my portfolio now, As I improve upon it, I think others will find it useful. I have decided to add a table mode to it today like you suggested, so you can switch from cards and table like you suggested.

This is a really solid idea. You wouldn’t have to keep up with your profile manually if it changes a lot… just paste in your address and its up to date.

@CryptoScangg @BitcoinAlchemist @blockchainuser I have added a new table view, simply click on the table switch to change to table view. I am working on adding multiple addresses and ability to save them soon, will update here once I finish.


Already looks like it has the potential to be more useful than EVERYTHING currently available…Niiiiice!!!

Yes, I am going to start building my own api and sort out charts and twitter feed on the coin soon. Would need help of the community to gain adoption though. But I don’t want to spread it before I am done building most of the features. Can now save your eth address by the way and no need to enter it over and over again.


This! I had an idea similar to the OP. I am in the bootcamp and was planning on using my coinmarketcap clone as a pilot. I was seeing something like a merger of coinmarketcap and blockfolio with data from the world debt clock, stocks, and forex thrown in so you do comparisons on the fly in the app or on the website. Good work bro! Great minds and all that!

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I am right now building an api and server to pull data from various sources, it will take some time but after that I should have all the data to then display.

I have just put it in its own domain and implemented coingecko api to get better price feeds etc.

here is the new link guys -

Great idea, your right thinking of simplification for the user. I am a newbee and had a similar idea for a portfolio tracker exclusive to crypto. Bringing what is available in a regular trading a/c for crypto. Making sure it is interoperable covering all the coins. Giving the possibility of asset management , re balancing, broken down into % charts etc. etc. I will keep an eye on your project and definitely use it. Best of Luck…

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@investGeek @blockchainuser @CryptoScangg @BitcoinAlchemist @gerard_golden

I have made a new permanent post which describes this project better

Here is the link, I will be uploading updates there, thought you guys would want to know.


Is there a new link; I got a forbidden error?

Hey yep the enw post link is here - Cryptocurrency tracker