Help with Cold-storage Wallets - whatup w/ Bitfi!

Help with Cold-storage Wallets - especially about Bitfi!

I’m primarily a HODLer w/ only occasional transactions,
I work at home and hardly travel during this difficult time world-wide,
so I don’t seem to have much need for device/software mobile-functionality,

and I’m a newb developer and Academy/Bootcamp member.

2020 - What’s up with Bitfi Wallet and Why?

I’d greatly appreciate any pointers to articles/vids/etc that give a clear comparison -
with pros & cons, between the major wallets –

and even moreso - what happened to Bitfi? –

did McAfee’s, antics damage Bitfi’s reputation to the point
that it’s difficult to even find them listed in a search for “2020 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets” ??

I purchased a Bitfi wallet awhile back, and am finally ready to set it up –


that as I currently ‘only’ hear the mantra of Trezor-Ledger Trezor-Ledger Trezor-Ledger
being chanted in the wallet space, it’s hard to even find current search hits for the state of Bitfi in 2020.

I’m devoting some serious time to understanding this thing,
and will greatly appreciate guidance & resource recommendations
from those who can clearly point out (non-fanboy style) pros and cons of each.

I’m prepared to purchase other wallet(s) - since no product/company is especially sacred,
so I love hard-hitting assessments.

Thank You