Help with IOTA (did someone steal my funds or am i doing it wrong?)

So im trying to get into my iota wallet for about a few hours now. When I try to attach to the tangle network it says “pending”.
The node im using is:, min weight mag - 15, Curl implementation - Webgl 2 curl implementation

everything is up to date, please help :frowning: I had over 100MIOTA

@jazzies maybe @bixo can help answer your questions. I had a problem with a pending iota transaction from bitfinex and I was assured by someone from the iota slack channel that my transaction was not lost either way. Ultimately I had to put in a ticket with bitfinex and it took a month for them to contact me back but when they did they refunded my iota.

Also, bitfinex has very detailed instructions on how to send iota to a wallet and the transaction can be viewed on From this website I was able to take a screenshot of how the transaction did not complete and a picture of my account balance being zero. If I can find these links I will add them. The second time I transferred iota using the instructions and I did not have an issue. Good luck!

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