Help with super farm

Guys I need help with something. I swapped so ETH for super farm yesterday. I see the coins but my balance does not reflect it. It say I only have .96 cents with of super farm . What am I missing ? Thank you

Hey same. I think the price is just not reflected in the value of the coins yet in wallets because it’s so new. I wouldn’t worry about it

Thank you brother! I thought that may be a possibility

yo where ae you storing them ?

i just used 1inch to swap ETH/SUPER and my eth is gone TX was successful but i cant see any super in my metamask…

On my Coinbase wallet.

coinbase wallet has the price wrong. Commonly coinbase wallet picks up old projects with the same name, it does not look for the contract address nor the unique ID that coingecko uses. If you use ‘’ of your wallet you will be more likely to see the correct value.

Thank you, I was getting a bit nervous

Have your super farm tokens appeared? I sent mine to MetaMask and I don’t see them either🤦🏻

I don’t always see my tokens/coins in my metamask either, I read somewhere that sometimes one need to add them manually. I tried this a couple of times but don’t always see the amount of tokens I have then either. However on Ethplorer I see them all. There should be a link in your methamask to your Ethplorer, if you haven’t tried to see the coins there already.

I bought my SUPER directly through the link provided in the superfarm Telegram group. Might want to check it out as well: “Message directly copied below”. They initially wrote to make sure the SUPER contract address was matching before making the swap due to fake coins already existing.

SuperFarm is now live on Uniswap!

$SUPER contract address:


Uniswap link:


I don’t even see the transaction on MetaMask. This is the part that confuses me. I see it on etherscan . They won’t do me any good if I don’t see them reflected on MetaMask. I did this transfer yesterday from my Coinbase wallet to MetaMask. Hopefully I didn’t lose them. Thanks again

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thank you! i also tried adding the super token manually to the metamask wallet. It doesnt show the balance tho.
It says “we had trouble loading your token balances, you can view them here” - this redirects me to ethplorer where i can see the balances im holding in my metamask wallet - there it shows me the Super token balance.

The question is, will metamask, once they adopt Super as an actual token for the wallet transfer the information automatically you think?
Because as of now its pretty much impossible to do anything with these tokens as theyre not showing up on metamask really.

The part that confuses me also is that sometimes uniswap shows more balance than i would actually have on metamask and after sometime it goes back to the original balance…

try to add the super token manually as pekkogekko was saying. this will rdirect you to ethplorer where you can see your balance potentially.

Thank you! I’m learning as I go…

Thank you! It worked! This is all mew to me. But thanks to people like you, I’m getting it​:pray::ok_hand:


I’m not sure if the information is going to be transferred, I have tried to manually add several different tokens that has existed for a while that still says "we had trouble loading your token balances, you can view them here ” I believe it is some kind of bug with metamask, but as said, I’m not sure =)

However if I go to ex Uniswap, or 1inch, I can choose to swap my SUPER, and the other coins not showing on metamask, I see the correct amount there. That makes me feel safe enough lol.

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It worked thank you very much for the assist

right. i see the super tokens available on uniswap. Thanks for the input!!

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