Hosting bootstrap site on github - not working

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I am STILL trying to host a bootstrap website template from github. I followed these simples steps:

  1. View the code on github (from bootstrap site)

  2. Performed a fork

  3. Renamed the repository to:

That is basically it - but it did not work, I could not get my site to load from gh-pages and if I copy and paste, to the address line of browser, it doesn’t load the site but just a page that describes the site. If anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated. I’ve been troubleshooting this for days now.

In the React Web Development course, we deal with hosting React applications and not Bootstrap pages.

These are not the steps that are in the course. Link of the video that you’ll need to follow for deploying React applications: Your steps only work for a basic html-css page without Webpack preprocessing. React does Webpack preprocessing.

Similarly to my last answer, it is important to emphasize that in this course, we develop React applications and and not a Bootstrap page. If you have not made it to the end of the course, don’t worry about hosting yet, go through the steps of the course, and at the end, you will be able to follow hosting instructions in the last section.

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Actually, looking at the previous answer, I followed your repository and it’s a bootstrap page. Technically, it’s not part of the React Web Development course.

However, the solution is the exact same as there, because that page also has a dist folder, and you’ll need to deploy the contents of the dist folder to GitHub pages. So the solution is, don’t get stuck on the Bootstrap page, go through the React course, and by the end, you’ll be able to deploy a React application. Once you’ve done that, deploying this Bootstrap page will become self-explanatory.

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Oh, I see. Ok thank you.

I was following your Git and GitHub - 2 Hour Course and Portfolio Site for Beginners. This was linked at the bottom of the React Development 101 course - Building an App Using Class-Based Components/Git Notes. I thought it was part of the course. I did follow all your steps, but I just mentioned the first 3 steps because that is where you launched the site before customizing it.

Thanks for the response. I will carry on with the course.

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