Housing Market Remove 3rd party banks and Mortgages

Hey everyone. I’m not sure if this is the most suitable topic on this forum as such.


If there is a way to radicate banks from handing out mortgages then could a smart contract between a Buyer and seller be something I could think about creating?

Ps love this course @ivan @Leo777 any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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Hi @Rob_McCourt,

This is an interesting read related to your topic:

It is a great idea by the way.

This is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Great read that. Thank you @bisks any other thoughts from anyone?

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I don’t think that “The real estate sector is in most countries, mostly out of historical reasons, a heavily regulated industry” is true of the UK. Maggie Thatcher regulated the number of estate agents’ signs that could be placed in one front garden. When I saw that on the news, I thought something is very odd about that and not long after there was a housing market crash.
In England & Wales, the Law Society’s Standard Conditions of Sale provide typical terms and conditions that are intended to balance the interests of buyers and sellers. It includes, for example, provision for a deposit (“down payment” in the Hacker Noon article), which may be forfeited if the purchaser does not complete.


@bisks Thanks for helping out. :smiley:

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Hi Rob, hows it going mate…!
I heard of this coin being mentioned through Ivan, a while back…!?