How do I burn an NFT I created without paying enormous gas fees?

I recently got into creating NFTs as an artist. My first experience was a little lackluster when I minted my first one on Mintable. There must have been an error with the file format I uploaded and I ended up minting an NFT with a corrupt file, which yielded no image. I have since moved over to Rarible where I found the user interface to be a bit more forgiving when uploading files, and have not had that problem since. However, now I am stuck with that first NFT which is useless, and which still shows up in my created works list. I tried to burn it to the blockchain via Metamask, but I am getting charged 1 whole ETH in gas fees! Something is off… does anyone know what is going on and how I can remedy this?

Send it to a Dead address see if thats cheaper or wait till gas prices get low. I mean you really have monitor those gas prices from now on, Actually no nft is useless.

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