How have you prepared for this financial collapse?

Hi guys. I’m curious how you prepared for this corona financial collapse that we are going through?

At the moment I prepared by holding physical cash, physical gold and silver, having some collectable single malt whiskey and off course by studying here.

Thanks for your insights!


BTC Holding? And where can you buy enough physical gold and silver to face the crisis?

I have ADA, BTC and ARK in holding


Nowadays it’s difficult. I’d even say if you contact major precious metals dealers and they ensist on a delivery period of 3 to 4 weeks, stay away from them. Only buy silver and gold from places that can deliver immediately.

I DCA’d my purchases over a few years. I don’t have a lot, but it should be enough for 4 to 5 months.

About ADA, I had it, but I got fed up with Charles’ endless promises and constant delays. I exited this year for Chainlink.


Been purchasing crypto for a few years. Arranged to have supplies for my family and prayers.


@Ulrich, which gold and silver dealers do you recommend who deliver immediately?

I’m not sure exactly. I have been buying crypto and gold for the past few years, but am not sure if it will suffice. I intended to buy an apartment with it. But there goes my plans for the future…

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I am holding cash, gold, silver, two freezers full of meat, and weapons/ammo to protect them!


I work with 2 dealers here in the EU.

  1. ( They have very good prices, but they are notorious for the absolute worse customer service that has ever existed. )

  2. Edelmetalle Direkt GmbH from Freiburg Germany. Their prices are higher, but they are absolute best that are around. Also supporters of cryptocurrency! It’s a family business and they are excellent.


Thanks, @Ulrich. Unfortunately, Edelmetalle Direkt GmbH does not ship to USA, and shipping to USA costs almost the same as the order (ex. $60+ USD)!

Which coins do you think would be most usable for payment (ex. gold, platinum, or silver; B.U., proof, or uncirculated; specific engravings)?

Does anyone know good precious metal dealers with affordable shipping to the USA?

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My best way to prepare is to join a new industry that can surpass all the others in time of crisis. That’s why i’m here.

Because it’s in time of great change that the biggest opportunities arise.


My thoughts are that when times start to really get tough. The hodlers who are the normal consumer buyers of cryptos and metals will be forced to Sell even at low prices as they face issues with Income, as the 1/3 of the
entire Planet seems to be getting lay OFF or loose jobs.

We need real solutions and active people taking up the new challenges and turning them into useable and profitable businesses that will ultimately benefit all.

Try to do my part. BuidL


The FED coin will be most useable. Wait to buy more of that one!!!

The problem with coins,? Gov issued coins are Legal Tender anyway… …like Eagles and Silver Dollars,

However nobody (cashiers) Unless this goes full automated) will take the time or have expensive testing equipment to verify the Authenticity. As a pure payment Junk Silver small coins , as bargaining will be best cause everyone knows them.

Food and water / rent money/ could (will) become the best items in times like this

I heard about Bullion Vault in the US, but I haven’t used them yet although I have an account. I just need to fund it. I discovered this business by way of endorsement from Steve Saville who writes a weekly newsletter called “The Speculative Investor”. I read and followed his commentary for about 6 years straight, but now I probably only read about once a month as I’m more involved in the cryptocurrency space. I don’t think he believes BTC will make it, but we all know that there are two sides to every topic / trade. Anyway, we can supposedly buy gold and silver using Bullion Vault and they have insurance at Bullion Vault to protect it if we choose to not have it delivered to our home as that might raise some eyebrows when an armored truck pulled up to your house. I’ve been a gold owner for a while already, but thinking of increasing.


I still have my ADA but also think Chainlink is a winner so I’m hoping that the end of June doesn’t disappoint this time around for ADA to go to the next level.

I think it is very scary to sit and wonder if I should join the 21 Million club at this moment of $7’200 BTC. We are heading straight into a recession with inflation and I just imagine people gonna need their money. I doubt that BTC enthusiasts are the rich kind. It is still only interesting for enthusiasts and some fine tech smart asses. I just wonder if it all won’t fall apart all of it. Why should BTC be spared? And same time I see the ship sail.

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Sorry for the late reply man. Ok as far as physical silver goes, if you’re in the US, your best pick is oldschool Junk silver. Quarters, dimes, half dollars are excellent! You can find 'em everywhere and these silver coins go for very very good prices. Avoid Morgan and Peace dollars. They are expensive! Also you can go with 1 oz bullions coins and rounds. Best 1 oz bullion coins are: Canadian Maple leaf ( recognised world wide ), US silver eagles, Australian Kookaburra’s and many more.

When it comes to gold, AVOID bars and 1oz bullions coins. There are too many fakes out there and also they are a huge pain in the ass to travel with. Therefor when it comes to gold, ONLY buy small non numismatic coins: British sovereigs, French, Belgian and Swiss 20fr gold coins, Dutch “gouden tientjes”, small gold eagles. These coins can be tossed inside your wallet together with small change and you can easily pass EVERY border crossing without arrousing the suspicion of the authorities.

You can download an android app called: Bullion Test and use the “ring test” to check the authenticity of your coins. Also on silver you can use the magnet method ( read online ). But in general Bullion Test is my GO-TO app for checking authenticity. If you have any other questions, please ask :wink:


Real Estate prices should come down soon man! You’ll have your appartment in no time :wink:

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Good point man. That’s why you never go ALL IN into precious metals or crypto. You need to sit on a good cash position in order to survive the initial storm. After the hyperinflation, gold and crypto will have their day.

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Good insight man. The problem these days is that many companies ( even covered by a shit load of insurances ) are at risk of going out of business. That’s why it’s important to hold your OWN precious metals in your own posession and to hold your crypto in cold storage for now ( until everything stabilises at least ). I’m not even staking at the moment

That’s why we need to be diversified. Not ALL-IN into crypto or precious metals. Also a good cash position is important.