How to buy Polkadot

Can anyone tell me how you buy Polkadot?

Thank you

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I didn’t think active transfers were possible yet.

DOT transfers are not enabled yet. Allocations of Polkadot tokens are technically, legally non-transferable at this time. Any DOTs currently trading on exchanges are not sanctioned by web3foundation. Please perform your own due diligence.
The DOT token will soon undergo a redenomination from its original sale. New DOTs will be 100x smaller than old DOTs. Therefore, your balance will be 100x higher and the price per DOT will be 100x lower. This is expected to take place around August, 21st at 14:15 UTC (block number 1,248,328)

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Thank you for your response

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any ideas where polkadot might be listed?

At least OKEx has it.

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is it decentralized? kyc?

I see this will be opening on Kraken soon. @Glegy

I dont understand it quit well. So is it smart to buy before the 21st august on Kraken for example?

Thank you, where do you get their address to add to Metamask?

You want to obtain the smart contract address and use that to add the token into your wallet tokens list. Usually the main development website will provide the smart contract address or you can inquire with the coin’s community to get the legitimate address. Be careful to get from official sources as you can find all sorts of ill-intended copycats listing an ERC-20 token as “Polkadot(DOT)”. If you go to and search “polkadot” under Tokens you will see what I mean with the duplicate token smart contracts. That’s why best to get from official source. Most often a reputable crypto listing site will have the direct link to the smart contract for an erc-20 token on uniswap. AFAIK the one on coingecko is correct.
That all being said, it seems the new token is on its own platform separate from ETH so you wouldn’t be able to put the new DOT into Metamask, only the old ERC-20 variant which may not be valid for long.

Thanks Alexsei

Sorry, I am still very much a novice at this and finding the whole crypto space challenging to navigate through!

I still can’t find the Polkadot address, it doesn’t appear in Metamask?

Can you also please confirm the most efficient way for me to sell alt-coins from Metamask, other wallets i have, Argent, Exodus and Trust Wallet, I am trying to figure out the best way to sell in and out of these small cap alts?

I also have a Nano X but unfortunately it has a malfunctioned and I cannot access my assets, I am currently trying to get the issue resolve directly with Ledger, however it is taking some time and I am not impressed with the customer service.

Thank you for your assistance and patience


This is the wallet indicated by the official Polkadot site

• CoinGecko
• CoinMarketCap. com