How to get bitcoin into wallet?

As i completed my bitcoin course i have now finally bought my first bitcoin.
Also i have been told to put it onto a hardware wallet,
therefore i also ordered one.

Now i face some issue:

  • the bitcoin came without a private key
  • it doesn’t fit into my wallet
  • i can’t see the UTXOs anywhere

You see ! The wallet has no slot !:



I assume you are joking. This post made my day. xD

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Hahaha good one. If you aren’t joking and you actually bought that coin for $9,000 USD, you made more than just @Mauro’s day!


What do all mean by “joking” ?

I heard that this Fiat-Dollars are basially wortheless, thats why i changed them for this bitcoin !
(also it’s 24 carat gold plated, so should be worth more then a normal bitcoin.)
And i also heard about the real meaning of “Fiat”. Historically it means just “crappy cars”, no clue how they came up with this.


I have now spend a lot of time and have analyzed this coin thoroughly.
No buttons, no secret mechanical mechanisms involved there.
(licking the coin ensured me that at least “no mild no sugar involved” - i remember Ivan saying this very often, so should be somehow important.)
I also tried polishing it (like it works with this jeanie lamps) but nothing happened.

Doubtable if this was good investment.
It was buzzing in my head : “Big problems require immediate action !”
So after all this trouble i decided to spend it and maybe make a good deal.
But guess what…?
I have been in over 10 diferent stores trying to buy something for this bitcoin.


I had great luck that a stranger on the street offered me a pack of cigarettes for it.
The guy was a little weird, since he tried to eat the coin, but he have up after he noticed he could get thru with his teeth. I assured him that gold doesn’t taste at all.
Well 20 cigarettes for one worthless bitcoin. (I was glad i had invested in my self and had studied currencies during war-times. Cigarettes have always been valuable money there.
Hehe… this guy had no clue about that !)

And then unfortunatelly … i didn’t see it coming at all, INFLATION. 10% in one day.
I saw how my investment was burned but i didn’ realize it till it was too late.
Basiclly i was so thrilled about the good deal i made that i had to celebrate this, so i smoked 2 of them.
Damn… it’s true what my grandfather said: “You don’t realized the value of something till it is gone !”.

$9000, 10% burned = $900, 100 year ago worth $45000.
Basically i lost $45000 over night.

Somehow i was initially thrilled about this new thing bitcoin.
I remembered one of my aunts in the past that was thrilled by this new thing “internet”,
but she was not sure if she should buy laptop or a facebook.

So, what i can recomend you, out of all experience i made with this:
"Don’t trust anybody, not even the source of truth “youtube”.

I think i learned my lessons !

Sure this was the wrong coin i will try this other one : “Ethereum”.
By the way … you can also get them 24 carat gold plated. :heart_eyes:

Hope you learned something with this.
And only to make it clear to anybody:
This is just my personal opinion, NO financial advise.



I would not mind one of these physical gold bitcoins as a totum! It’s pretty cool.

But for $9k, I’d rather have a real bitcoin.

The irony of the digital bitcoin being the “real” bitcoin is not lost on me.

One of my sons got very interested in bitcoin,
so i had to buy him one too.

He got a little impatient because the transaction took some days to get confirmed.
But… today it finally arrived.

I haven’t told him, but it seemed natural for him that a bitcoin must be stored somewhere.
It only took some minutes after he got the bitcoin
till he presented me his own implementatn of a


Love it guys…

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