How to participate in Paid Network Launch Today

Hi everyone I really want to participate on Paid Network’s IDO today… As Ivan mentioned I don’t want to buy it from uniswap because the boats drive the prices up and then dump it on us but I have no idea where else I can buy it from. Can anyone help?

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  1. You need to be in the twitter/telegram group of approaching IDO’s - that way you know the details of the launches. There is a whitelisting for the normally two pre-sales.
    a. POLS holders pre-sale - number of POLS it seems varies
    b. Public sale
  2. Now PAID network is on Uniswap - as Ivan and others warn… becareful
    at the initial launch on Uniswap… the bots pump up the price then dump…
    Commonly prices come back to normal in a day or two… so you watch for the dump and dips.

I do not see it on coingecko yet… But if you go to twitter:
1. Confirm this is the Correct twitter account (beware of scammers that
get a similar name)
2. Use that paid_networks contract address (others will again put similar
names on Uniswap). Then you can add that contract on uniswap or
your wallet.
Currently it looks like the price of Paid is 2.79652 per 1 USDT/2.80182 per 1 USDC.
* Based on the Uniswap prices
* Also see:
- Which also states the contract address is:
And on Polkastarter:
33333.33 PAID = 1 ETH

BridgeMutual is the next one on January 30th. Round 1Whitelisting was due January 17.

now it is at 2.44579 per 1 USDT 0.408881 USDT per PAID

Private A PAID tokens to be offered at $0.0250
Private B PAID tokens to be offered at $0.0350
Public Sale PAID tokens to be offered at $0.0420
Current: $0.408881 USDT per PAID

So still 10x over the initial offer, wait a few days and it should be on coingecko and also the price should come down.