How to purchase IOTA

I’ve had experience in buying both Bitcoin and Ethereum, and want to know how to go about purchasing IOTA. From my understanding, Bitfinex is the only exchange to purchase IOTA from. I can’t open a Bitfinex account because I don’t have an invitation code, so was wondering if there is an alternative approach to purchasing IOTA or if someone could PM an invitation code.

Many thanks in advance.

You can buy it on

That coin might have problems though. I bought a little of it and then dumped it few days later after I learned more about it.

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about people not being able to transfer out of wallets for weeks at a time, particularly during the huge price run up recently. The price run up may have been partially due to the fact that people who held it in wallets and not on exchanges weren’t able to sell . Maybe the idea of zero transfer fees wasn’t such a great idea.

Yes, you can buy it at Binance. You have to buy it with ETH or BTC at the moment. You can not withdraw it from Binance, because withdrawals are temporarily suspended. There is an IOTA wallet that can be downloaded from the IOTA GITHUB. I have downloaded the latest version and set it up, but haven’t tried sending MIOTA to it yet, since Binance does not allow that yet. IOTA seems safe at Binance, so far. I will download it as soon as possible. I’ll report back later to tell how successful that operation is. I don’t think IOTA has been concentrating too much on their wallet, lately.

Right now, neiter Binance or Bitfines are accepting new registrations. Are there other options for buying IOATA? I am sceptic about the new technology though it looks interesting and I would like to look deper into it.

Since some days you can buy MIOTA for fiat on :slight_smile: