How to sell quick to fiat

Hello guys, what is the fastest way to sell alt coins for fiat currencies?

It depends where you have them. I was thinking more to ‘stable coins’ here…

It sounds like soon, TrustSwap will have a onramp/offramp…
For just fiat it is really central exchanges or various apps, or use a CryptoCard Visa.
On a Central Exchange (coinbase, kraken, binance, etc)
- Put in a market order versus limit order - no limit to be hit
- But beware when the market is busy the centeral exchanges are flacky or down.
On Metamask - you can increase your gas fee in metamask, for faster transactions:

For Uniswap: increase your slippage (and the above in your wallet increase gas fee).
Also make sure there is supply/liquidity/volume on that exchange helps (avoids slippage).


Also a Bitcoin ATM could help you if there is any close to you.

Hey Tonis! Based on my experience, Binance P2P is the fastest way to convert your altcoins to fiat. The only concern is you must have KYCed first before you can transact. I hope this helps.

In addition, Binance P2P is also having the best rates in the conversion. And you can chose the fiat to be deposited directly to your bank or to a payment system (having a collaboration with Binance) in your country.