How to start / re-start your career as Blockchain developer, advisor, educator?

Hi guys and girls,

As a person who recently dives into the blockchain world by taking Ivan´s Academy, the question about how to find a career in this blockchain space is still foreign with me.

The reason I joined the academy because Ivan said it could help me to get a better paying career. I love the courses and I have done Deep Fundamentals, Business Masterclass, and now I am learning about building smart-contracts.

So can someone help me with some tips where can I find these jobs in Europe and/or in Germany particularly?..


I would also like to know myself, when I complete the majority of the courses. I would be a little up set if I spent many hours learning and could not find a job at the end of it. The blockchain space is amazing to be in.

following the subject too :wink:

I’m in the same boat, looking for a career change with an unrelated degree. I’ve been working on and off for the last several years with online bootcamps/programs (on the free to low-cost range). They are great at teaching the basics in a structured environment that lets you go at your own pace. I might advise checking some of those out. It’s good to see the same subjects with a different approach.

What I think you really need is a stellar portfolio/profile (I don’t have one yet) because we are competing with people with degrees and years of experience. Of course, I think we’ll also be ahead of the curve with blockchain training on our resumes but that’s still up in the air for many, including myself.

Hey Guys, I have a few websites that you might find useful:

Find and post blockchain jobs & cryptocurrency jobs | Crypto Jobs List

Open job application

Blockchain Certification By IIB Council | Certified Blockchain Professional

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Excellent resource sir! thank you for sharing it! :star_struck:

Carlos Z.