How to use crypto in a country that does not support exchanges well?

@ivan, I liked your video on the “crypto in Venesuella” topic

And I’d like to discuss this topic in more depth. Maybe you could cover it in some upcoming video?..
Do you have this topic covered by any of your courses?

Sadly, there is too little information about “how to get banked with crypto” given the conditions :

  1. No crypto exchange is authorized to operate within the country.
  2. Nobody supports purchases in crypto (just the unstable local fiat)
  3. It might be hard to purchase USD (to use it at the conventional crypto exchanges or transfer abroad for p2p crypto trading)

The main concern is “how to convert crypto back into fiat” in such environment.
Are these the only options ?

P.S. You’ve mentioned Belarus and it’s a good example of the conditions I’m talking about.
P.P.S. @ivan , have you tried trading crypto to fiat in a p2p manner? What are your impressions, how did that experience feel? Any advice how to avoid scam?