HTML Basic Course

I am watching the video where we are writing our first html code. I saved the file, but do not know how to see what I just wrote live on atom to see it as a web page. What do I hit?

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Hello sir, you will use atom to write your code. After you have saved your file, you only need to open that file with a browser (chrome, firefox, etc…).

So you have to use Atom for coding and a browser window to check how the code looks like.

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

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The simplest, but somewhat cumbersome, way is to drag the html file from your file manager (not from Atom) onto your browser or browser address bar, depending on the browser. With this option you would have to manually refresh the page in the browser every time you edit the page in Atom in order to see the changes.

There is also the option to install packages in Atom.

  • “atom-html-preview” can display your html inside atom, no need for a browser. This is handy for playing around with html, but it does not do javascript.
  • “atom-live-server” will refresh your page in a browser automatically every time you save either the html, css or js file in atom. This is what you want for projects that involve html, css and js. It saves you the trouble of manually refreshing the page in the browser.
  • “script” gives you a javascript console inside Atom. You type your code in the editor and “script” displays the result in a console, no need for a browser. This is handy for learning the basics of javascript, but it can’t be used for interacting with a web page, for that you need a browser (and "atom-live-server).

hope this helps

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