I can not log in to the Tech Academy

is the site down? Is anyone else having a hard time logging on?


Same here. I just dropped Ivan a tweet to let him know there too.


okay… glad its not just me. Problem is this is the only time I have to work on my classes. Hope its fixed soon. I can’t get this time back.



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Hey guys, hope you are great!

YES, sadly the academy is down for a while, Kajabi (our web hosting) is having some issues with their servers, so there is nothing that we can do, just wait until it comes back.

Sorry for the inconveniences. :pray:

Carlos Z.


Having issues as well. Seems intermittent for me.

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ah okay. Thanks for the heads up. I will be standing by. Thank you.


Hope it all gets fix soon! Thanks for letting us know. I started the Academy last night and was thinking it has something to do with my computer…


Thanks, I was wondering if my internet connection was down. :wink: :wink:

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Ahw man, I was just about to start with Solidity error handling :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the update

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I had been in for hours and it just stopped responding now.