I have a doubt with wallets and stablecoins

Hi there, I have a doubt with the likes of Meta mask and other wallets and how they could interact with stablecoins. Are the stablecoins a different blockchain alltogether? like USDT , USDC , DAI, and if it is so, how can I have them into my metamask. My understanding is that Metamask only works with ERC something tokens (erc20, or the others)

Many stablecoins are erc20.



Oh sh*t I didn’t know that. Thanks!!!

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I’ve come across a few topics you created and a few basic things you don’t know very well e.g. ERC20, What is a Blockchain, How to use Metamask…etc… All of these topics are covered in different courses part of the Academy. I highly recommend you go through Crypto Basics, Blockchain & Bitcoin, Ethereum 101 in that particular order. If you haven’t already you should also setup a study plan on the main page and answer the short quiz which will give you a structure of courses you must study in the order they provide. This will give you a much better understanding as opposed to if you just clicked a random course to study but with very little understanding about crypto.

Hope that helps!

Hi man, I appreciate your concern, I have already taken crypto basics, blockchain and bitcoin and Ethereum 101, defi 101, ethereum security course and the blockchain masterclass and also the unibright course… Im currently taking the bitcoin programming 101 and security coins course … I have been subscribe for 2 months, in the first month I only took the basic subscription and on the second I took the professional plan, so I already have my course structure. I am defintely not taking this lightly , but the academy is my first serious approach to study the crypto world, and I am MOST DEFINITELY not clicking random courses … my understanding of crypto is directly proportional to what you guys at the academy are providing

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Ah I see! I don’t work for the Academy, just a student like yourself learning :smiley: