I need help introducing myself

doing something wrong cant get to introduce myself

Hi Dazza! im new here also.

hello mariop
at least we are here and keen

good to meet you
hope your well, it will take a while to familiarise ourselves im sure

Welcome @DazzaMac19 , hope you are good!

We are glad that you joined our lovely community. I also hope you enjoy the Academy and our courses, we have an amazing team that will be helping you with your assignments along your path.

Hope you enjoy the amazing environment of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies :nerd_face:

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

thank you Carlos
i will take this opportunity to introduce myself to all in this forum as Darren. I am a visual Artist singer song-writer, i have a bachelor degree in Visual art and applied design. Enjoy my music here https://www.reverbnation.com/darrenmccrae/songs
Also i am the creator and CEO of KULCHA an international online Art Registry and Artist platform soon to go live. We are a all inclusive art registry listing and creating provenance for all types of artwork and items of worth. applying DNA solutions to protect proof of sale and ownership ownership to real world art assets as well as tools to assist with registering and protecting digital assets that can be affixed to non fungible assets NFT,s. I am interested in tokenising the KULCHA brand a currency in crypto and creating many other online tools to go to market and protect artists and artworks assist collectors and investors and generally entertain and inspire passionate people with a interactive art forum and market place.
So this is the driving force behind me becoming a member of the Ivan on tech Academy.
I do have other projects i wish to roll out in the future but this will be my initial starting point.
My belief is to gain as much information and understanding of this blockchain and cryptocurrency space to protect myself against the good old PULL THE RUG.
kind regards to everybody in this forum, pleased to meet you all and sincere regards and good luck going forward, Darren.


Hi Darren
I just came on board as well and its all new to me ,i am a photographer and film maker and am wanting to learn how to make NFT’s for photography and films , i would be nice to chat with you as you are on the same journey ,
Regards Graham