I need help using uniswap

Hi there, (if @thecil could help me on this one, would be great)

Even though I have been uniswap for about 6-9 months, some stuff are still a mystery for me.

Im trying to exchange some SPI (shopping.io) tokens, because of hte news that Amazon is working to accept crypto … so after purchasing by 9USD per SPI, and having gone up to 70 USD per SPI, I think is time to sell at 30 something … but when trying, first of all Uniswap asks me to “approve” the swap before actually swapping. and it costs me about 15USD … do you know why is that with some exchanges this is necessary while with others its not?

After that, I can swap, but when asked to approve, I dont see the total amount: (any idea why is that? any idea why below it says "reject 3 transactions? should be only one transaction, or am I wrong?)


Even though I approve it, it fails:
Is there any hint on why it fails? Even I have done most of the courses in the academy, I still dont know why it fails … sometimes I get this behavior from Uniswap … I was doing the same thing a couple of days ago, trying to buy some Marlin POND , and it was the same, and some days later the PÖNDs magicaly appeared in my metamask

Hey @javier_ortiz_mir, hope you are great.

Thats completely normal, some contracts will ask your approval to spent your tokens in your name (you can also limit the amount of tokens it can spent). You have to pay 1 transaction to sign it with your approval.

That approve method is for each token, meaning you could have approved to spend (buy tokens with) ETH, but have to approve again to spend (buy tokens with) DAI for example.

your only watching the total amount of the transaction fee, the approval transaction which you are going to sign. Your are getting 3 rejections because probably you are not waiting enough between each time you click on approve so metamask shows the message, some times it goes buggy and does not show it, but the metamask icon will show a red number at a corner (meaning there is an action waiting to be attended by you, like signing the transaction)

I advice you to go slowly and very focus when using this platforms, their still too new and tends to goes buggy.

This appears when you are trading more than you own or the equal exact amount
You own: 112.062 SPI. But the 0.0623355... (that some times goes into troubles, mostly with quantities below 0.1) so i suggest you to go with rounded numbers like 112.

Although congratulations on your pump man :partying_face: !! Happy to know your getting you back again so fast!

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

@thecil thanks for the help and the good wishes, I certainly got back :muscle:

Yes, I also think its a little buggy, but I didnt know if it was only my feeling … in the DEFI 101 course you guys never mention something about that :sleepy:

I certainly only had 112 SPI, I dont know why my balance is 112.062, I didn’t notice that. I will try again using uniswap and 1inch.

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