I need your help

Hello, dear community,

I’m not the person how likes to talk about own problems that frankly. But unfortunately, I got into a bad situation, which primarily has something to do with family matters. I likely have to move to Budapest(Hungary) in the next weeks or so. I have to take care of my grandparents because there is nobody else who does. I don’t want to go into more details but overall this is my new situation.

Actually, I live in Frankfurt and could manage to get a paid internship in a Blockchain startup company. My task is to design a concept of offering digital Receipts in the retail industry. I just started about one month ago. I like my task and the company. But because of the sudden change of situation, I will have to quit there.

To break it down, money is always the key problem, at least in my world. So my idea now is to get a new job. But for me, it is important to stay focused on crypto and Blockchain. So there are following criterias.

  • the job must be either remote or located in Budapest
  • the job must have a reference to Crypto or Blockchain (I don’t want to give the crypto and Blockchain focus)

Unfortunately, my track record doesn’t look too good. I have studied earth science for a while, but without graduating because my focus had changed to Blockchain and crypto.^^ So I started to study Blockchain by myself and later on of course also here in the Academy. Then I also started to study computer science at university but honestly, I focused more on crypto and the academy. XD This was much more interesting for me. I always had little jobs on the side, which could finance my life. But now I would like to stay in crypto or Blockchain if possible. I would love to be part of some smart contract development.

@filip Is it possible, that you please could send me the certificats of my finished courses from the old Academy? Maybe this can help me further in the next time. I think I did finish Blockchain Deep Fundamentals, and Blockchain Programming (except the EOS and NEM part but the HTML, JavaScript, C++ and Solidity part)

What would you do if you were in my situation? I’m thankful for all kind of advice. :pray:


Sorry to hear that @Paultier, i hope you will be fine. Have a look at https://gitcoin.co/
there is a lot of freelance job paid in crypto. After contributing to a project you could find a job.

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Thank you Gabba. :slight_smile: That is a good idea. I will have a look and try it for sure.

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Thanks for sharing your story! Amazing job on landing the internship in the first place. With that kind of drive, I’m sure you could find something else. I assume you keep a close eye on the crypto job boards. We will also keep you in mind for any projects we might stumble across.

I will email you the certificates, no problem! Good luck from all of us :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot Filip. I got your mail. :slight_smile: And sorry for making trouble. Now I’ll be more organized with the certificates. :wink:
Yes I’m watching these sites so far


I wish you good luck. @Paultier


Yea Gitcoin is great

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Hello! You can start to make sites as developer with Wordpress or Symfony using HTML, JS, PHP. You need to know PHP, CSS and jQuery additionally to do it. Or you can be a python developer also. It will take some time, but you can open fantastic ways in your career. That’s all but cryptoprogramming with JS.

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Hey @shwarz! Thank you, this are good ideas as well. There are so many great and interesting possibilities. The difficultty for me is to stay focused.

And by the way, welcome to the awsome community. :partying_face: :tada: :rocket: