I send Trustswap tokens to my Etherwallet on my Ledger

I want to move my Trustswap-tokens to my ledger. I send some to my Ether-adres on my Ledger. Is this even possible? I do not see anything added to my Ledger… I can not find a Trustswap- account on Ledger-live.


According to the Ledger page https://www.ledger.com/supported-crypto-assets/ it indicates that it does not support TrustSwap yet

I saw that to… but i already send it to my ether-adres. Is it lost now?

Have you already verified with your address in https://etherscan.io/ that the tokens appear?

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this is what i see on etherscan

With this address 0x284d0600c9a584801e0c04616f41a00423185403 in etherscan appears the following

Thanks a lot!!! I can see in etherscan that the 100 Swap is on my etheradres. But I do not see them on my Ledgerlive. I see Trustswap is not listed on Ledger yet… `Do I just have to wait untill they do? Or is there an other way to get them in a wallet? Maybe via Myetherwallet??

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I understand that until Ledger enlists her for support.
I’m seeing information if I get something interesting I share it here

Hey @Erwin you can use myetherwallet (MEW). just connect your ledger and follow the prompts when it says select app make sure you have the eth app open on your ledger and select Ethereum on the website with the option that has “Ledger Live” in the name. A list of accounts will then show up and you just have to select the one you want to manage. I had the same issue as you this worked well