I was scamed ! I NEED HELP!

Hi i did the stupidest mistake ever , i hope that somebody here can help me !

I knew that there is many scams on internet with the crypto …
I invest all of my savings around 29/30 k in bitcoin in some stupid website that supposed to trade with the money and make more bitcoins .
The name of the site is Nittrex.io .
The website is not working since last wednesday .
The broker that i was talking with called me on wednesday and told me that they will do maintenance on the website and he will call me in few hours , never heard back from him .
Then i found out that they changed the domain on the website now is - Nittrex.co
I called the customer service on friday and they told me that my broker is not working on friday and he will call me on monday . I don’t know if i will heard anything back from him again. He is calling me from different numbers that i can’t call him back . He told me just to send me emails when i want to talk with him and he will call me …
I never think that i will get to this point that i will lost all of my savings :frowning:

Guys if anybody here know what i can do to get my money back please help me !!!
If somebody have any idea what i can do please assist me !
Thank you !!!



Hi please can you help me if you know what i can do about it :frowning:

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Hi @Ivan_Crypto, hope you are well.

It is very sad to hear your history, but there is not that much that we can do, you know the rules about crypto, once a transaction has been made, is irreversible.

The entire history looks like 100% scam, so probably those guys will never return you the money, I’m very sorry to hear this.

Carlos Z


Hi! I am sorry to hear that =(
I know for sure that you can’t revert the transaction, however, as you know, you can query the blockchain as it is public and transparent (in blockchain.com), so you can at least check if the account that received your bitcoin had received more transactions or if they have spent your BTC (say, if your money is still UTXO or not)
Even if I am unsure that you can get your bitcoin back, at least you will be able to trace down what they have done. And it will allow you to verify instead of trust next time.


I don’t know how everything happend i wanted to make some money and at the end i lost it all …

I am trying to find a way to do something about it but i don’t know what …

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Hey Ivan.
I’m so sorry to hear this, my heart breaks, I feel with you! I know how that feels man, it’s a nightmare.
I my self was scammed on big amounts in the CeFi Space in 2018 and in DeFi last Christmas. It can happen to anybody and those who say “this can never happen to me”, they don’t have a clue, they don’t know anything about life and they forgot their situations, when they got screwed and they will make their experience another time in their life (hopefully not, but this is just cosmic law). I also thought it can never happen to me AGAIN, after the fist scam, so stay cautious always. If you don’t have any clue how to act against that people, you have to hire someone, like lawyer with experience in these kind of crime. And these people also need to get paid. Even if they get caught, how much is the possibility you get your investment back and how long does it take? Make a calculation for your self: Is it worth the money and the time?
All this this suffering caused by our emotions - greed and desire, because of that we go high risk. Don’t give up man, make plan, find a way, find a strategy. Try to see it like this: If you learn from that mistake it was the best investment in your life. The damage is done. Don’t blame the others, forgive yourself for your action. Never all-In in anything, especially not now, if you try to win your losses back. Maybe you can take a loan from the bank to invest it right back into real bitcoin and store it safely, where you can’t touch it quickly.

“If you accept your loss, it’ll be more easy to make new profits.” - some man said…

Hope this helps a bit.

Pray for you today!


Disclaimer: This is no financial advice.


Hi Cromaz how they scam you and what did you do after that ?
Did you try to get your money back somehow ?
I was talking for few days with different lawyers nobody told me anything good …
There is too many scam companies that are promising that they will get my money back but they are all shady …

I was talking today with one lady from israel that is the website > https://funds-recovery.com/
I don’t know if i should try it i mean i want to get my money back and there is no other way .
Probably that is not a way too and i have to live with that that i lost all of my savings .
My idea was to buy bitcoins with those 30k and hold it for 6 months and then sell it … But i got scamed real bad , i don’t know what to do now .
All the time i was thinking how stupid those people are that got scamed with the bitcoins and i knew that there is no way to get my money back but this broker was telling me that he will make tons of money and i got fucked at the end … :frowning:

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Hi Ivan!

Sorry to hear this. How much should these services from funds-recovery.com cost you ?

The danger is you have lost a lot of money and now you could loose further money.


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That company ask me for 2500 $ fee to start the procedure but i think that all of those companies are scams , there was another company the name is mychargeback . I don’t know who to trust now but i think that is not possible to get my money back now i have to live with it …
All of those companies are saying that they will either way send letters to gemini - that was the exchanger that i used to buy crypto , or they have some super duper software who will find where the bitcoins went …

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i don’t have any idea if its scam or no … i am wondering if they will take my money and don’t do nothing at the end …

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I think about this because I want to do a loan like my friend did. He gave custody of his two bitcoins and they loaned him one BTC (enough cash to buy one btc). These companies, many of them have similar names. I forgot names off the top of my head.

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I was investing a great number in the famous bitconnect. There is nothing to do, they chase the founders and person responsibles. They put them in jail, they fine them, they take the funds - the damaged will get nothing. They just rob the robbers and say all those who participated were also doing illegal activity. So if you are not being defendant (hope I used the correct word), you must be happy. The rule/law makers always win. Nobody will attack the judge, right? The power of monopoly.
What I did: I took the loss immediately, I wrote it off - my decision, my risk, my fault, my loss. Tried something, didn’t work, it’s “just” money - I did nothing wrong. All money I tried to make afterwards, was my new profit - NOT the decrease of my LOSS. Maybe it helps if you see it like this, although it’s still a bad feeling for a while, but it will decrease. You can let go more easy and not stick to the past, emotions and regret. Please understand, now you are damaging yourself mentally heavily, heavily now, also you poison your body. You did what you did, nothing wrong or bad about that, nothing to complain. It’s just sad that we live in such a world. If you continue to think about all that, it will not help you at all. If you take action, only if you accepted the loss, then you will work for a new profit - which is psychologically seen the way better incentive, otherwise it will be a fight and fight is negative afflicted. Do your self a favour: These people took your money, don’t allow them to also take away your lifetime!

The second scam, I don’t want to get into it, because it’s not even close to your case. Also I lost in trading and on hacked or insolvent exchanges, these things happen regularly in the space, there will be bugs, there will be hacks, … you have to manage these risks. One time even I took part on a lawsuit, I could get some cryptos back, but I refused to take it, because I forgave the operator for his mistake and I knew he’s is probably in a worse situation than me - even-though I myself sometimes struggle with money.

The funds recovery page seems legit, but there is no guarantee of success. To be honest, if you put 2500 USD in Bitcoin and/or Ethereum, the risk/reward is way higher than to invest in this company.

Again no financial advice. Hope you’ll find a way.


omg im so sorry to hear this, ive just fallen for a complete stupid scam which was to do with mining, someone persuaded me to invest $500 dollars and he will double my return and i don’t know whether if its because i just wanted it to be true which made me fall for it anyway my only payback with this scammer now is pretending I’m going to “PUT MORE FUNDS IN THE ACCOUNT TO WITHDRAW MY ORGINGAL AMOUNT” hahaha cant believe i was stupid enough to fall for it so now I’m actively trying to promote about scammers on my social media platforms
going through the blockchain and bitcoin 101 course taught me that made me realised I’ve been scammed, so BECAREFUL please everyone

There is too many fake websites that promising huge profit , all of them trying to get your money and run . If you are trying to make money try to trade by yourself at least either way you are going to make money or lose money but in both cases you will do it by your own .

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Thank you for the words . So i have to accept the loss and move forward but i still can’t forgive myself how stupid i was to lose those money . I had a plan to invest in chainlink eth and btc and hold it for 6 months or a year , but those scammers are promising big profits . Well probably that is the life …

Thank you again i hope that both of us don’t get in another scam again !
Good luck !

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man totally feel like a mug but its a lesson , there no shortcuts, thanks for the reply man it makes me feel good that people listen , yeah it is horrible i want to prevent others from falling into the same plan

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Hi Ivan, I’m really sorry to hear about that. I think there are also a lot of scams run from Israel so be careful about approaching that “funds recovery” company. Sounds a little like those “Cancel My Timeshare” companies. If they can really deliver, then their fee should be based on a percent of what they recover for you rather than a big up front fee. I guess the best hint it was a scam was all the talk about all the money you would make. They always make it sound like a sure thing. It’s an easy trap to fall into. The best rule when trying something for the first time is to try a small amount first to see if it works as expected.


Thanks so much Ivan, I hope you’ll find a way soon. Good luck to you and much energy!
Finally I want to refer to a story from a very good book that I’ve read a view years ago from Dale Carnegie, which I can recommend to everybody, especially in situations like yours.
Please take two mins to read this:

…I have known Harold Abbott for years. He lives at 820 South Madison Avenue, Webb City, Missouri.
He used to be my lecture manager. One day he and I met in Kansas City and he drove me down to my
farm at Belton, Missouri. During that drive, I asked him how he kept from worrying; and he told me
an inspiring story that I shall never forget.
“I used to worry a lot,” he said, “but one spring day in 1934, I was walking down West Dougherty
Street in Webb City when I saw a sight that banished all my worries. It all happened in ten seconds,
but during those ten seconds I learned more about how to live than I had learned in the previous ten
years. For two years I had been running a grocery store in Webb City,” Harold Abbott said, as he told
me the story. "I had not only lost all my savings, but I had incurred debts that took me seven years to
pay back. My grocery store had been closed the previous Saturday; and now I was going to the
Merchants and Miners Bank to borrow money so I could go to Kansas City to look for a job.
I walked like a beaten man. I had lost all my fight and faith. Then suddenly I saw coming down the
street a man who had no legs. He was sitting on a little wooden platform equipped with wheels from
roller skates. He propelled himself along the street with a block of wood in each hand. I met him just
after he had crossed the street and was starting to lift himself up a few inches over the kerb to the
sidewalk. As he tilted his little wooden platform to an angle, his eyes met mine. He greeted me with a
grand smile. ‘Good morning, sir. It is a fine morning, isn’t it?’ he said with spirit. As I stood looking at
him, I realised how rich I was. I had two legs. I could walk. I felt ashamed of my self-pity. I said to
myself if he can be happy, cheerful, and confident without legs, I certainly can with legs. I could
already feel my chest lifting. I had intended to ask the Merchants and Miners Bank for only one
hundred dollars. But now I had courage to ask for two hundred. I had intended to say that I wanted to
go to Kansas City to try to get a job. But now I announced confidently that I wanted to go to Kansas
City to get a job. I got the loan; and I got the job…


Obviously :eyes: there are lot’s of scams and hacks… i am watching this :point_right: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFQMnBA3CS502aghlcr0_aw channel and can’t believe all that shit :poop:. Can we NOT do something, let’s DO something all you white hats , red teams or blue teams, not sure witch is good :toolbox: red or :shield: blue, but i am sure we can attack this scammers and expose them, maybe prevent them wrong doing or make them #ambushsoftwarevirus or something? :thinking:


@Ivan_Crypto can i ask how you transferred the money to them ? :thinking: