I was scamed ! I NEED HELP!

hi Ivan report to www.ic3.gov

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I transfer them via gemini exchanger.

I already did that …

you try check the txid ? I know it’s a bit optimistic but still worth a try maybe you’ll see something …

Hello Ivan,
I am really sorry to hear what happened to.
A possible scenario to try and make your money back is to invest a few thousand $ (what you can still afford, let’s imagine 3-5 k$) in high potential x10 or more gems. Those typically highlighted by Ellio Trades, buying immediately before the pump. Talking about the Elon Musk effect on Bitcoin there is a similar effect when Ellio highlights specific gems.
I nearly got scammed just a couple of days ago on the HOTBIT.IO exchange.
I wanted to buy a specific gem on Uniswap but there was not enough liquidity on Uni at one stage and the fees were insame. I saw the same gem was available on Hotbit.io, opened an account and transferred 3 ETH from Metamask.
The next day I tried to access my HOTBIT account via the web App but my access was denied (I am sure the password was correct).
I then asked for a password reset but never received any mail from Hotbit. I had fortunately left a session open on my pc. I tried to perform a password reset from the pc session but never received a mail from Hotbit with the reset validation code. I fortunately managed to get my ETH out of this exchange.
I sent a message to Customer Support from my open session explaining the access problems, etc. I have not heard of them since.
Reading some reviews regarding Hotbit I saw there were many similar cases, people no long able to withdraw, etc.
I hope you manage to recuperate your savings. Robert

•• STAY away from HOTBIT.IO exchange ••

I also was close to open an account on Hotbit, but then Ivan reported something about them in his live show. He also was also close to open an account, but then there were some Information that they list coins, which the issuer of the coin never made a cooperation with them. And also fake prices and fake liquidity on coinmarketcap and coingecko… I try to reach coingecko and coinmarketcap… try something good…

Ivan sorry to hear this! don’t ever trust anybody who offers more bitcoin if less bitcoin. All these scammers Want is to steal money from you. Do your own research only use trusted exchanges. And I always like to send A very small amount first “crypto pennies” if you will to test a site. I got ripped buying a training video one time and it sucked but it is what it is I had to suck it up and move on. Crypto is the wild wild west of money right now. Be very careful heck I was even careful joining this course. These scammers are all over youtube mimicking the biggest content creators in the crypto-verse! They are probably from certain other countries! Sorry to hear about your losses! Remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Now stop letting your losses dictate your future use them as a tool to learn from, get back out there and grow your future! The secret to success is “ as a man thinks he is” in other words if you think like a victim you will only be a victim if you think of this as a growing moment then you can move on! You are as you think only you can make this choice! Three things I live by. Question everything but God, trust no one but God, fear nothing but God, for that is the beginning of wisdom!

shit man! I did something similar some months ago … luckily it wasn’t all my money … and after that I have recovered much because of the BTC price mostly … but I never got my coins back … I also sent some 700USD worth of BTC even earlier to a company that suposedly did some cloud mining or something like that … They were a super scam… Im so sorry to hear that … take some time to recover and then analyze why you did it!! Because it is pure GREEED man … you only sent those coins because they promised insane gains, right? well … sure the crypto world can give you some insane gains, but its hard to make them, ti costs a lot of research and study and other things… the best thing you can do is take a loan (try to make it as far as possible into the future), put everything on BTC and only take monthly what is necessary to pay the monthly payment. I assure you that on december, you will have at least 3x the amount you put into BTC

Good luck man!

Best advice in this situation! This is not a loss, as it will serve as a very valuable lesson. you did nothing “wrong” @Ivan_Crypto. Actually, you are doing the one thing that is the right thing to do - you act! Keep on giving your best and you will succeed! I wish you that you can recover quickly from this trauma. :pray: