IDE for Mac. My suggestion

That’s what I was looking for. Love this forum! I’ll go with Xcode. Thanks a lot, chads!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! This helped a lot :slight_smile: now I can move forward in the course! Can’t WAIT to build programs!

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has anyone had issues with Xcode? I updated my mac to OS Big Sur and have the newest version of Xcode but I can’t even get the sample “Hello World” code to execute. It gives me an error code “LLDB RPC server exited unexpectedly” and Exit code:-1. There is no output and I have to stop the program as it never outputs anything

I’m not familiar with Mac, have you checked with their support if anyone else had similar issues after updating their Macs?
LLDB btw is a debugger so its strange that it would cause issues. Try compiling your code and running it in a terminal or in xcode without debugging. :slight_smile:

nice work. Worked fine in Feb 2021!. Thank you