I'm Ur JavaScript Study-Buddy!

Whassup yal!? //

I’m v excited to dive into this class. It’ll be my 6th course here @iotAcademy!
I’m startin today w/ZERO experience in programming, so I’m V interested in linking w/some study buds to use as accountability-partners n support.

JavaScript Programmin seems like the most challengin course I’ve encountered so far, so I really wanna start connectin w/the community here n develop some friends to help stay motivated together as we journey thru this new skill we’re learnin!

Hollatme if interested! thx so much! [Also pls feel free to use this topic to link w/ea other as well even if u DON’T wanna buddy-up w/me! lol]
Anyway, check my bio or hit this link to learn more abt me!

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Hey LordKalvin,

I just got started on JavaScript too. It’s been a slow progress.
I’m reading up on Booleans. What are you up to?

Cheers !



I haven’t gotten into the actual JavaScript part yet; I’m tryna be real thorough n go thru alla HTML “additional readin”. Been slow, but I been onnit everyday. I’m hopin this HTML practice will help out later when I’m finally gettin into actual JS. I think I’ll make today my last HTML sesh.

Thx for respondin, pls keep me updated on ur prog. I’ll do the same.

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Just go with the lesson flow.
once we start the Java lesson, we don’t use Atom…at least the first 2 chapters or so. LOL
I find it easy to learn when I read the material through, then do the exercises, then go back to read the material one more time.

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omg //

I just finished the first forum assignment.
I was fighting to stay awake the WHOLE TIME readin through the textbook section. :sleepy:
This is gonna be a major challenge, but I’m committed. :triumph:

Thx for tips. I’ll DEF need my study buds to stay motivated n get thru this. Text books n studyin were
N E V E R my thing in school. At least I’m learnin abt somethin interestin this time LOL.

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read it in little sections. If you’re bored you won’t be focusing. walk away. sleep.
when you catch your focus drifting, change gears. The money is on understanding the material.
You can do it !
Btw, study was never my thing either, and I was an art major. :joy: :joy: :joy:


Hi Kalvin,

Nice 2 meet you! From Holland.
I also started with the JS programming course in december, but got stuck. I would really like to have a accountability partner to overcome my struggles.


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I’m here for u bro //

I’m currently at the console part. Don’t lemme catch up to ya! lol
What part u on RN?

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Hi man,

I’m on the same part. But I started this in December and then got stuck. Do you know what program was used for typing code? Can not find this anymore. just like CTRL+SHIFT+I, the console in the webbrowser but then a program which Ivan also uses in his videos.
Did you program or develop before or also no prior knowledge yet Kalvin?

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Man, I dint even kno HTML before this course!
This is my FIRST time learnin ANYTHING about programmin.
I always thought u had to be Morpheus, or Neo to learn this shit LMAO.
I haven’t gotten to the part where Ivan tells us what program we need for JS.
My next task is to read Chapter 1 of the text book. I woke up early today, so I’mma knock it out inna hr or so.

If I see the program in my next class, I’ll holla at u.
@LORDKALVIN - :point_left:

Great to hear your progress! Haha No we don’t have to be half a machine :slight_smile:
Good luck Kalvin and if you have any questions upon your journey, feel free to ask!
Below another link what could help you when entering the JS programming course:



Hey everyone //

  • I just finished chapter one reading. :triumph:
  • Passed quiz first time. :triumph:
  • Got one question wrong. :weary:

How was yal’s week of studyin?

Been stuck in Booleans and Loops a week and half. Took a few days off.

I notice the quizzes test you on stuff a bit early… like the lessons and the quiz is a bit off sync. Its okay. Makes me go back and review everything once again.

I have been supplementing with other Youtube videos. It helps.

Been ignoring the voice in my head saying…“just forget it”. :joy: :joy:


Keep Going @Marie! We are here to support you. :clap:


u got it @Marie! :muscle:t6: :mechanical_arm: :muscle:t6:

I skipped studyin yesto; gonna get back onnit today tho. I’ve been workin on the console.log n variable exercises all week, so I haven’t caught up to the Boolean assignment yet! I’m v excited to keep goin today tho.

My 9yr old daughter has been usin Scratch.org for years, so we’ve been able to bond over programmin now thanks to this course.

Keep workin hard everybody!


that’s cool you get to study programming with your daughter !

When you don’t get it the first time, you repeat, repeat and repeat. LOL
Here is a good YT channel that has 8 hrs of javaScript lessons. I have watched different videos, and I find this to be a good supplement to the course.
Hope this helps as much as it is helping me. :slight_smile:



Hi Marie //

This is cool AF. Def gonna check it soon. My brothers would seriously love to play a blackjack game made by me. They’re gamblin addicts lol, I prefer to keep my gamblin on crypto markets, far outta casinos.

I’m p pumped today actually; Just finished the second practice exercise. I thought the grocery bill calculator was awesome. I felt like Neo from The Matrix codin all those variables LOL.
I kno I’m still a baby in JS terms, but I’m startin to put the pieces together.
Gonna tackle booleans tomorrow. I am v excite.

-Keep up the good work errbody!


I am so happy I discovered this thread. I am in the same boat with you and Marie here. I got suck at the exercises at the end of chapter two. I was kinda discouraged that I didnt really figure out how to do them on my own. I got pretty close but never got it. I was like screw it and just looked at the answers and then I still didnt quite get it. LOL Finally I just decided to move on. Anyways, that is where I am right now. We should jump on a zoom call sometime and help one another out. Any of you down for that?


Hi Marie,

Sounds like I am about in the same boat. I think I get booleans but im a bit stuck on loops. I am really happy to have found a couple of you here that are right about where I am. I have been really busy with work and family the past couple weeks but this has motivated me to get back in it. Thanks Ya’ll!


Howdy Richie—

In my experience there are multiple levels of understanding different elements of coding (e.g. loops):

  1. utter confusion
  2. vague understanding, unsure of implementation
  3. implementing into code, but not understanding why stuff goes in what order
  4. understanding syntax

Be careful with the instinct that you ought to be able to complete the problems on your own. A very important part of programming is learning how to Google your questions properly. There isn’t really such a thing as a coder who knows how to write everything (like a novelist can write a book)—we’re all writing the bits we know, getting frustrated, then hunting for answers on the interwebs. Remember that being an effective coder != memorizing everything, it means remaining resolute in pursuing your goals.