Important Feedback regarding lesson 23 of Javascript course


On this lesson the student is expected to read this article:

I think this is a BIG mistake and should be replaced with another article. The reason is that halfway through this article it starts giving examples of loops with ARRAYS and OBJECTS, which at this point in the course has not been touched on AT ALL.

Now I am not unfamiliar with those things, so I’m OK, but I will tell you that someone who is NEW to programming with likely start getting VERY confused from this point on in the course, or at least I would not be surprised if you started to see some people drop off or do lessons more slowly after this lesson.

I am trained in something called “study technology” and one of the main principles in it are that the PRIMARY BARRIER to learning anything is MISUNDERSTOOD WORDS. When a person passes a misunderstood word or symbol they start to go blank, start yawning, begin forgetting what they just read and have to reread it over and over to make it sink in. They can also start to get sleepy sometime a bit further in the materials if the words remain undefined for the person.

Just wanted to point this out for the benefit of others. The course has been pretty good about clearly explaining things up to this point. But this one article should be swapped out for a more appropriate on for this point in the course.


Thank you for the feedback. We will definitely take these points into consideration. Feedbacks like these is what we yearn for. Thank you so much.

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Sure thing. Happy to help!

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